Rushing to leave the house to pick up my youngest from preschool, I ran out into the garage and pulled my house door shut behind me. Right as the door went "click"; I realized I’d left my keys on the kitchen counter. Oops. We do not have a hidden key and have never gotten around to giving one to a neighbor.

Thankfully, I did have my phone with me, so I made a couple of calls.  My mom agreed to pick up Birdie and then come unlock my house. As I hung up I suddenly realized I had an hour to kill with nothing in particular to do. It was a strange feeling to suddenly have nowhere to go, no one with me and nothing to accomplish at the moment. Remembering the magazines I keep in the car for carpool, I took them around to my front porch. In the three years we’ve lived in this house, I have never once sat in my big wicker chairs decorating our wraparound porch. So, I sat, read my magazine and discovered the chairs are very comfortable as well as good looking.

As I sat there, I realized what a beautiful day it was; nice and cool with a clear blue sky. My thoughts kept coming back to the idea that I really needed this break, to take a time out and do nothing. Even though I had my iPhone on me with all its glory and connectivity, I didn’t use it. Instead, I just sat and enjoyed doing nothing. Just flipped absentmindedly through my magazines while watching the cars drive by the house.

In that hour, I realized this "break" was necessary in my life. It was rejuvenating and calming to be still and silent. A smile came across my face as I realized this was God’s way of telling me to enjoy life and remind me that I do have time to be quiet and still.

When I saw my mom’s minivan come around the corner, a part of me was sad. Even though I knew she brought me lunch and my precious daughter, I really didn’t want to go inside and leave that moment.

God, in his infinite wisdom, found a way to speak to me in a manner I would hear clearly and understand. I’ll admit that it’s been a few weeks since I locked myself out and I haven’t been back to my porch to sit, but I am making much more of an effort to be still and quiet and thank the Lord for all his blessings in my life every day.

Copyright 2010 Lisa Jones