Our Lady of GuadalupeGreetings again to everyone and wishing you all a very blessed advent and christmas season! If you have viewed my art from a few months ago I appreciate you stopping by and for anyone new, I will be contributing images from my portfolio to share with you and hope they add to your prayer time, especially as we celebrate the birth of our Lord. I believe we all can contribute with our talents to the new evangelization called for by our Pope, and so this is my way of helping in that spreading of His message, and hopefully to bring others to Christ.

This month I have included two images, one of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the other of our Blessed Mother with the baby Jesus. Both were done in prismacolor pencil, which is basically a soft colored pencil, and took about a month each to finish. Our Lady of Guadalupe was an image I had seen many times, but I had not drawn.

I think I was a little apprehensive to try one as there is so much rich color and such a wonderful expression of peace; I hope some of that comes through in my rendering, as well as Mary with our Lord after birth.

I call this one "Our Sleeping Savior", and again I wanted to convey the feeling of peace in both Our Blessed Mother and Emmanuel, "God with us," During this time, I hope that all of you and your families carry that feeling of "God with us" throughout the season and beyond....please feel free to comment if you'd like or have any questions regarding my art, and have a blessed Christmas season!

In Christ,

Dean Robledo

Copyright 2010 Dean Robledo