If I had more time on my hands leading up to Christmas, I'd definitely be all about making some of Beth Kimmerle's amazing candy creations! Beth is the author of Candy: The Sweet History and she's one of the most creative people I've seen when it comes to cooking up goodies.  Here's her blueprint for these tasty treats:

Snowmen Sugar Cookies

‘Tis the season for holiday cookies. This year give sugar cookies a whimsical touch by adding mini snowmen. These cookies are an edible centerpiece that will delight kids and adults alike!


  • 1-Altoid® Tin
  • Royal icing
  • Sugar cookies
  • Chocolate sprinkles for eyes
  • Molded Starburst® for scarf
  • Orange colored, chocolate covered sunflower seeds

Instructions: Prepare sugar cookies and royal icing using a favorite family recipe.

1. Assemble the lower half of the snowman by stacking three Altoid pieces together. Secure together by putting a drop of royal icing between each piece.

2. To make snowman head, put singular Altoid on flat surface and apply chocolate sprinkle eyes and sunflower seed nose to the face, adhering with icing.

3. Place a drop of icing on top of base and secure head in an upright position. Repeat steps one through three until the desired amount of snowmen are created.

4. Let snowmen dry for 30 minutes.

5. While snowmen are drying, sculpt Starburst into long, tubular shapes. Twist two Starburst colors together to make multi-colored scarves. (One Starburst makes about 3 scarves)

6. Wrap completed scarves around neck of snowmen.

7. Ice sugar cookies and place finished mini Altoid snowmen on top before the icing hardens.

Check back soon for another great idea from Beth Kimmerle and be sure to check out Candy: The Sweet History.