Scripture: Lectionary # 305.  Hebrews 1:1-6. Psalm 97:1, 2b.6,7c.9. Mark

Today's Readings

Here is a helpful and motivational insight that can give us a good start to
Ordinary Time.  It comes from the introduction found in St. Andrew's
Missal: What happens every Sunday in our churches is the fruit of our
week.What happens as the fruit of the week past is the beginning of the
week to come.  Sunday, like all sacraments, is simultaneously a point of
arrival and departure for Christians on their way to the fulness of the
kingdom.  This is not ordinary time at all.  This is the fabric of
Christian living."

By listening to the readings offered to us each day, we are inspired to
hear the living voice of Jesus.  Liturgy is not a study period nor an
exegetical workshop which is for professional students of the bible or
professors. We come to hear the living words of Jesus as we assemble as the
Body of Christ which is attentive to Jesus words and to which we give our
full attention, reverence and devotion.

In the selection from Mark the first written Gospel we actually hear the
words of Jesus as he begins his public ministry to bring people the word of
God, to preach to them, to heal, and to teach them. Jesus awakens us
with ,"The reign of God is at hand. Reform your lives and believe in the
Good News."  We also learn of his first four disciples joining him by
leaving their trade and their homes.  These four will be featured
throughout the Gospels and are always in the first bracket of the first
four named in the lists of the apostles.  We too are summoned by the words
of Jesus to follow him during this ordinary time which is extraordinary
time when it comes to the grace of God.  We do well to keep in mind St.
Mark's initial line that will guide us through readings from that first
Gospel:  The beginning of the good news (euaggelion, gospel) of Jesus
Christ the Son of God.  Amen.