We all love God. He is the source of our being and everything we have.  We do our best, or sometimes less than our best, to show Him our love. Yet, we know He deserves better from us.  How can we, mere sinners, attempt to give God the glory He deserves? To start, we must try our best daily to lead a holy life.

How do we do that? We make God more than just our Sunday obligation. We must incorporate Him in our entire lives. Here are five suggestions to help you get started.

Read the Bible.  Reading scripture is the ultimate discussion with God. These are His words – The Word.  Just as when we read other things, when we read the Bible, it becomes part of us.

Receive the Eucharist.  As often as possible we should receive the Lord in the Eucharist. This encounter with Jesus welcomes Him into our hearts and soul. With Jesus inside us, we are holy.

Go to regular Confession. This may be the toughest one on the list, but it is essential. If our soul is bogged down with the baggage of sin, how can we lead a holy life? When we go to confession regularly it also helps us to pay more attention to our recurring sins and to stop the habit.

Pray the Rosary. The Rosary is filled with graces.  We are meditating on Jesus’ life and everything He has done for us. With His life always in the front of our minds, we are more likely to live according to God’s will.

Finally, read about the lives of the saints. Each saint lived their lives according to God’s will. Some endured great suffering and others did great deeds. Each story will show you a path to holiness.

Copyright 2011 Jennifer Gladen