Have you heard the big news? Tomorrow, March 15, is "Catholic Media Promotion Day".  This grassroots effort is designed to help spread the word about all of the great work being done in Catholic Media. To build buzz, a Facebook page has been created at Facebook.com/PromoteCatholicism and everyone who "likes" that page will be entered to win an iPad2.  But more importantly, you'll be helping to spread the word about these media initiatives.

Tomorrow, we're asking you to support and promote Catholic media in the following ways:

  • If you have a blog, podcast or Facebook page, share links to your favorite three blogs, podcasts, Catholic media outlets, and three other Catholic "gems" online
  • Go to iTunes and leave positive reviews for your three favorite Catholic podcasts and Catholic apps
  • Email your family, friends, fellow parishioners and contacts with the good news about your favorite three blogs, podcasts, Catholic media outlets, and three other Catholic "gems" online
  • Contact your local newspaper and tell them about Catholic Media Promotion Day, sharing the good news about media initiatives that are supporting the work of the Church
  • As your local parish to list Catholic podcasts, blogs, apps, and other media initiatives, and offer a few great suggestions to help them get started - volunteer to be a "Catholic Media Liaison" for your parish by supplying this information in the bulletin on a regular basis
  • Consider starting your own blog or podcast and share your faith using Facebook, Twitter and other new media technologies
  • Pray for all of those involved in Catholic media, that the good news of the Gospel may be spread in new and exciting ways, reaching out to the ends of the earth

Working together, we'll make a big splash tomorrow, March 15 on Catholic Media Promotion Day.  So be sure to head to Facebook.com/PromoteCatholicism, "like the page" and start planning for tomorrow!