We needed a break.  It seemed like trial after trial was coming our way.  Amid the normal fears and financial tribulations of running a two-year-old business that we are passionate about, I’m dealing with the hormone shifts of a young pregnancy, and everyone must deal with me while adapting as a family to the changes that came with our 19-year-old niece moving in to help us out as a part-time nanny.  Our homeschooled clan is missing Mommy’s attention and the guilt is as powerful as the fatigue and morning sickness.  Suddenly, I’m faced with a couple of serious pregnancy complications, and health-insurance nightmares that keep pushing me toward a pro-choice prenatal clinic.  Our son is diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and my father-in-law dies of a sudden heart-attack.  We are trying to work out doctor’s appointments, plan a last minute 12-hour road trip for a family of seven complete with funeral wardrobe, and deal with the stress.  All of these trials are part of the normal storms of life, but it happened all at once.

A close friend said she is praying for us, “Please just give them a break already.”  I thought that was a reasonable request and sent that prayer heavenward myself.  God answered my prayer.  He told me to turn to Mary and pray the Rosary.  The business of life had made the Rosary a much too time-consuming devotion.  I was turning to God again and again and was a bit confused that He would send me to His mother.  In my faith life thus far, Mary was the one leading me to Christ, but never the other way around.  I realized that I wasn’t at the Miracle of Cana, I was at the Cross.  Christ was giving me His great bequest, just as He did to John 2,000 years ago, His mother.

It was January, not October, the month of the Rosary, but time and again, I was stumbling across prayers, articles, homilies, and stories emphasizing the importance of the Rosary. I was reminded that I am meant to be in Mary’s service.   I started making an attempt to pray the Rosary as I went to bed.  I usually fell asleep.  God assured me that this is what He wanted.  Our prayers and needs were being answered.   Our marriage was strengthened by the trying funeral road trip, reminding us of what matters most in this journey to Heaven.  I found a wonderful totally pro-life doctor who takes my insurance!  My pregnancy complications became well-managed and my moods stabilized somewhat with the treatment.  I talked to my husband, and we began to pray the Rosary together at night.

Making Music Praying Twice began to benefit.  We felt the protection.  The doubts and demons couldn’t get to us anymore.  All the little discouraging set-backs that plagued us began to disappear.  It is like Mary wrapped her robes around us amid the flames, and we can breathe again.  Not only is God answering her prayers for our real needs, He is lending us her spiritual protection, which we desperately needed.  So, thank you Mother.

Please, if you need help, turn to her.  She is as generous with us as she was with her body when she first said “Yes” to God.  She is our gift from Jesus, himself, and is free to provide us mercy and love without judgment.  I don’t know what the answers to your prayers will be, but she will bring you to Christ and He will answer.

Copyright 2011 Kate Daneluk