Have you ever started garden seeds indoors? I find something so serene, so peaceful, and so sacred about this. The kids and I used our Science time together yesterday to plant 6 trays of seeds and one pot of marigolds.

We are fortunate to have a large, antique dining room "buffet" that was passed down to my husband from his grand-parents. This buffet sits in our dining room in between two large windows. We set the trays up there and added two small study lamps to give extra light, in addition to the sunlight that pours in through those windows each day.

I can't really describe the feeling I get when I look over (especially at night, when I still have the lamps turned on but all the kids have gone to bed and the house is quiet) and see these trays....sitting.
At least, it appears that they are merely sitting.

However, "just sitting" couldn't be further from the truth of what is happening on that quiet little buffet-top right now. It is serene. It is peaceful. It is sacred. New life is coming forth! Granted, this is not human life, but still...the miracle of God's power in Creation is at work and is right before my eyes on my dining room buffet!!!

Though my eyes see only trays of soil that has been moistened by watering...my heart knows that underneath it all...the miracle is taking place!

With proper care and attention, those seeds will burst forth and grow into a tiny, new plant; and with more nurturing and nourishment, they will shoot up into strong plants which will then be ready to go outside and take root in the soil of my garden. Finally, come summer's end, they will bear fruit and our family will reap the benefits and rewards of the work we will have done up until that time.

I love to gaze intently upon these little trays...where God's hand is doing a Divine and Mighty work.

These seeds, it occurs to me, are like my children!

At one time, they too, were hidden...and so small that the human eye could not have detected their presence. They were "planted" in the womb...and those who looked at me from the outside, perhaps were unaware of the great miracle and mighty work that was taking place through the hand of God on the inside.

Just like my garden seeds, my children, now that they have "burst forth" from their sacred "soil" are now "young plants" in need of much care, attention, nourishment, and nurturing.

One day, (as has already happened with my eldest two) these children will be ready to "be transplanted" from the safe, secure, "soil" of my home; and take root somewhere "out there" to continue to grow strong, sturdy, and steadfastly in the Lord. The time will come when their fruit will be borne. And, not only our family, but our Church, our community, and the whole world will reap the benefits of it all.

Life is a gift; whether it come in the form of a flower, an animal, a creature of the sea, a tree, a garden plant, or a child. All life is a sacred gift from God. And, He is the Master Gardener, tending lovingly, carefully, thoughtfully, and selflessly to "His crops".

There is no "ordinary" life.
It is all amazing.
It is all wonderful.
It is all mysterious and miraculous.
It is all beautiful.
It is all sacred.

Think of this the next time you plant a seed...or see a woman who is expecting...or hold your own baby in your arms...or watch your child ride his bike...or feel the warmth of your spouse's embrace...or hear the voice of your friend on the other end of the telephone.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.
And, His mercy endures forever.
He is the Giver of life.

As I look upon my little trays...I give Him praise and thanksgiving!

~Joy in Christ~

Copyright 2011 Judy Dudich