"Field of Vision", the latest installment in the truly wonderful Family Movie Night series, airs Saturday night, June 11 at 8:00 pm/7:00 central on NBC. This movie tackles a tough subject -- bullying -- head on in a time when new forms of cruelty have taken old-fashioned bullying to an entirely new level. The timely nature of the topic makes this the perfect opportunity to gather your entire family around, pop some popcorn, watch together and than have a great discussion on the trying times some of our kids are facing in schools, in our neighborhoods, or perhaps even in our own homes.

Faith Ford takes center stage as mom and guidance counselor Jody McFarland in Field of Vision, but for me truthfully her teenage and child co-stars shined even more brightly. Jody's children are wonderfully portrayed by Tony Oller and Alyssa Shafer, but my favorite performance in the film was turned in by Joseph Adler. Joseph's wonderful portrayal of Cory Walker, a teen caught in the foster care system following the death of his mother, stirs emotions that will move you to truly feel the devastation that children who bounce from home to home must feel. Through the course of the film Alyssa's character Lucy is gifted a throwback video camera whose retro powers give her -- and our families -- a unique perspective on what's really going on around town. And Lucy is not without challenges of her own - this young introvert would rather read than hang out with friends, and her isolation concerns her mom, Faith Ford's Jody McFarland.

I don't want to spoil the film's conclusion, but I do want to strongly encourage you to tune in and to stay tuned in until the very end, when a corner is turned and a new relationship dawns. The film is filled with football, high school drama, a loving family and some beautiful scenery. It also includes some true moments of emotion and an important focus on an issue -- bullying -- that has now transcended the "real world" and gone cyber. We need to be talking about bullying, catching it in action, and squashing it on all fronts. Perhaps Field of Vision will provide our families with fodder for conversations about how we can be strong enough to stop it in its tracks.

Tune in tomorrow night, Saturday June 11 at 8:00 pm/7 CT on NBC to watch Field of Vision with your family. For more information visit http://familymovienight.com/field-of-vision/