Infinite Space Infinite God II
edited by Karina and Robert Fabian
Published 2010  by Twilight Times Books

Out of This World!

I was privileged recently to read a copy of this wonderful Catholic science fiction book Infinite Space Infinite God II. It is a compilation of 12 short stories which have both inherent science fiction and Catholic/Christian themes.  It is similar to ISIG I but slightly different in that most of the stories focus on the individual.  The editors state: “Institutions had let humankind down overall, so it was up to the individual...”

These are stories with Catholic characters and situations, most set far into the future, where Catholic priests are no longer limited to parishes on Earth, but are appointed to positions on other planets and in other solar systems.  The people in the stories are not perfect but believable and well-developed characters who are presented with unusual sci-fi moral dilemmas.

I’m partial to time travel stories, so my favorite of the twelve is "The Ghosts of Kourion" by Andrew M. Seddon, about a widowed professor (Robert Cragg). After Professor Cragg tragically loses his wife and daughter, he travels back to 365 AD to the Greek city of Kourion.  This is the ideal story to start off this book of short stories not only because of all the moral implications involved in time travel, but this emotional story captures the reader immediately.

The remaining stories include a tale about a nun who faces venomous snakes, a priest who battles aliens, a character who is genetically engineered and whose usefulness has ended, a clone named Lorraine and her friend, Father Markham, and much more.  Although many of the stories have Catholicity woven throughout, this book is appropriate and fun reading for readers of all faiths.

Entertaining, well-written, ISIG II is filled with interesting characters and unique situations, beautiful imagery. ISIG II offers humor, sci-fi, Catholicity and suspense all in one book.

I highly recommend this entertaining book to everyone, especially to those who enjoy Catholic science fiction.  It is an “Out of This World” treat!

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Copyright 2011 Ellen Gable Hrkach