Sunday at Mass at visiting priest offered this story as his homily. I paraphrase.

One cold wintry day a woman approached her favorite department store. She noticed a shivering man near the entrance. Upon closer scrutiny this man’s coat was nearly threadbare held together with safety pins, the buttons long gone. The woman walked past and entered the store.

Twenty minutes later she reemerged with a brand new winter coat for the man. She offered it to him saying that she thought it would he his size. It was. And it was so warm. Then she handed him a scarf, gloves, hat and a pair of new shoes as she had noticed that his were held together with duct tape. The man looked at her with such gratitude in his eyes and asked, “Are you Mrs. God?”

Mrs. God. Could we be mistaken for Mrs. God in our daily travels, fellow Catholic moms? We with our oh-so-busy schedules? Our long lists? Are we living our own lives or are we living the lives God wants us to live? Do we wake up each morning with our own agendas or do we ask God what He has in mind for us before our feet hit the floor? Some of us may be doing our utmost while others of us, me included, may need to up the ante a little bit.

This week whenever we hear our names…Mrs. Locher, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Owen…let’s ask ourselves if we’ve performed any small or great act which could cause another to mistake us for Mrs. God? Mistake? Or rightful moniker? I guess that’s up to us.

Copyright 2011 Maureen Locher