"Stand Firm" is the sophomore release from Colchester Connecticut-based SpiritN3D. The band is made of up Dan Leone, Dave Richard, Joe Leone, Andrew LaFlamme, Kevin Cuff, and Dave Tiefenbrunn. Dan and the two Daves are the founding members, hence the "3D" in the band's name.

As I have found with many bands, this album is even better than the first one, and showcases the band's rock influences. Dave Richard plays the lead guitar. Some of the songs are covers (Every Beat of My Heart, Lead Me Lord, What God's Prepared, and Quiet Enough). The rest are original songs, composed by Dan Leone. The theme of the album, "Stand Firm", encourages the listener to place all trust in God. "Back on My Knees Again" speaks of returning to God in prayer. "Call in the Thirsty" speaks of God calling all to Himself. "Just For Today" reminds us to take life one day at a time, the past is in the past, we need to live for today.

I always enjoy hearing songs that I know that are done differently. "Lead me, Lord" is one song that our choir does, and it is fun to hear SpiritN3D's interpretation of it. That's one thing I love about the art of music - we may sing the same songs, but we can give them our own flavor.

Track Listing:

01 - So Good To Me
02 - Redeemer & Savior
03 - Every Beat of My Heart
04 - Can't Find My Way
05 - You Alone
06 - What God's Prepared
07 - Back on My Knees Again
08 - Stand Firm
09 - Call In The Thirsty
10 - Just For Today
11 - Quiet Enough
12 - Lead Me, Lord

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