Me?  Well, at first as the mom of two teenage daughters at home, I ask for wisdom. Then after thinking about it for a few days and having different things come across my radar, forgiveness is another.  The ability to forgive certain persons is difficult at best and I am no authority on this topic, believe me! Blessed Theresa of Calcutta is, Blessed John Paul II is, Jesus Christ I made of that very stuff they are?

In a recent Angelus, the Pope said. "To all, I wish to repeat the urgent call to abandon the way of hate forever and to flee from the logic of evil."

Anger gets in the way of forgiveness.  Anger resists love (CCC 1765)  Anger nurtured and allowed to fester within is a sin.....a grave mortal sin!  Certainly we get angry at traffic jams, ill-mannered people, senseless tragedies, and daily wrongs that occur in this human world, but allowed to grow and continue on a sordid mental path within only causes more damage to, not only others in its fury, but to the soul of its nurturer.  "Deliberate hatred is contrary to charity."(CCC 2303) Jesus, all through His ministry, talked about love, forgiveness in parables that at first glance didn't make a lick of sense until it sunk in......unfair, no, love and charity, yes.  On Mt Sinai, Jesus talked of forgiveness, loving ones neighbor, turning the cheek; all impossible lessons, but necessary to live as Christ commands us.

So all this talk of anger brings me back to forgiveness.  How in the heck can anyone forgive with anger sweltering in their heart!?  Impossible though it seems and yet Christ didn't leave us defenseless without some help.  The Holy Spirit is ready to come to the aid at our weakest moment, our guardian angel is always at our side, the sacrament of reconciliation is a phone call away, and prayer in a moment's notice is convenient just putting our hands together.  God has provided us with the armour of faith that can, if we accept His help, rid us of the anger that prevents forgiving those who have crossed our paths.  I need these graces, you need these graces, we all need to be open to these graces and the fact that forgiveness is a learned skill that needs nurturing more than that anger seeping into our souls.

What do you ask of our Heavenly Father?  Perhaps the wisdom to be free from anger clearing the way to forgiveness...and possibly a little more patience, in my case, with the two teens at home!

Copyright 2011 Ebeth Weidner