Dore Illustration from the Inferno.

If you've ever read Dante's Inferno or Milton's Paradise Lost, you're probably familiar with some of the traditional imagery associated with Hell. Parts of hell, like parts of Chicago, are not places you'd actively seek, but there are other places in Hell that look like great spelunking spots rather than locations of eternal suffering. This guide will help you find the path to those pearly gates of Hell. Once inside, you can make it your own adventure.

Three Starting Points

There seem to be three sure trails down to the valley of Sheol but what you'll find is that they're really all connected. If you start at the first one you will eventually get to see the others. You can start with the scenic routes and deny the existence of hell or deny the existence and necessity of God, or you can take the crow's path and seek Hell directly. The one requirement here is that you put on your hiking boots and take the first step. You won't be dragged there; you have to make it on your own two feet.

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