Scripture: Lectionary 433: Colossians 1:1-8. Psalm 52:10.11. Luke 4: 38-44

Wednesday's Readings

We begin a new epistle attributed to St. Paul called the Epistle to the
Colossians.  Paul according to the exegetical experts did not write this
Epistle. It however is in the spirit and school of St. Paul probably
written after Paul’s martyrdom.  Like most of the epistles the first
chapter is important for giving us the prayer addressed to the community.
These first chapters are easy to listen to and are excellent for prayer.
They often contain the chief concern of the writer as well. Here the
concern is behavior in a culture that insists on slavery hierarchy, and
rituals that deal with super powers, angels, and traditions that are more
Jewish than Christian.

We see that some of the titles given to Jesus are Pauline, for example, the
Lord Jesus Christ.  We also see the polemic against false teachers who are
leaning toward mediators between God and ourselves thus neglecting the one
Mediator between God and humans, Jesus Christ. The author wants the
Christians of Colossae to leave aside traditions that were more Jewish and
above all to avoid the new age cosmic powers that are obstacles for the
Christian believers.

In the Lucan pericope we see Jesus as a healer who first takes care of
removing a fever from Peter’s mother-in-law. She then serves Jesus and his
friends.  Others come for healing and for his consoling words. Jesus
himself gives us the purpose of his ministry: “To other towns I must
announce the Good News of the reign of God, because that is why I was

The freshness of the Galilean hills enhances the balm of Jesus’ healing
ministry. The preaching and teaching of Jesus continues as well so that the
kingdom of God may be experienced as happening now..People are given new
hope because our Savior Jesus is making himself known by healing people. He
also is revealing the divine plan of God to those who are open to his
preaching and teaching. Amen.