As we celebrate the life of Blessed John Paul II, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to tell you about a wonderful new DVD series entitled John Paul II: The Man, The Pope and His Message. Here is an overview for the project:

An in-depth view of The Man, The Pope and His Message, this Special Edition DVD marks the re-release of a series of documentaries with epic proportions on the life and work of the iconic Pope John Paul II. Through special arrangements with the Vatican, Alberto Michelini, the renowned Italian journalist, produced this series. Timeless footage over the span of approximately 5-hours delves deep into the life of Pope John Paul II and the heart of his messages. Come to know this historic man and Pope like never before! A breathtaking journey into his life’s work and travels—and even into his private life within the Vatican—this series is a “must-have” for anyone desiring to encounter the face of Christ through one of his most powerful messengers.

This week, I had the amazing opportunity to pre-screen Volume 1 entitled “You Are Gifts to the World” John Paul II and the Children

A chronicle of some of his tender and inspiring interactions with children from around the world, this volume reveals the basis of the Pope’s love for these “small friends of Jesus.” Why were the little ones so dear to John Paul II? Speaking to these gifts to the world, he explained, “Because in you is reflected the most pure, most clear, most transparent image of God.”

This footage was unlike any I'd ever seen of Blessed John Paul II -- very organic, unscripted, and showing the true love of this amazing man for the people he shepherded with such love. The films and accounts of him interacting with and speaking to children around the world -- unaccompanied by a lot of commentary or analysis -- reminded me why so many of us were energized by his brand of the New Evangelization. His passion, his love and the depth of his faith was infectious -- his young audiences were literally glued to his words and filled to overflowing with love for the Holy Father, but more importantly for Christ.

I hope you'll enjoy the video overview of this project and that you'll consider adding this DVD to your family's media library. For more information, visit

John Paul II: The Man, The Pope, And His Message - DVD series trailer from Tim Evans on Vimeo.

Official trailer for the 10-part documentary by CCC of America about Pope John Paul II. Visit to buy.