I just love a good story. Though it's possible to find good stories in many places, I often find myself most smitten when it's discovered between the covers of a well-crafted novel.

And that's just what I encountered when I found myself completely owned by Ellen Gable's latest novel, Stealing Jenny. It's 200 pages of pure bliss, if you're a fan of good fiction.

Brace yourself. Don't open this book unless you can just keep reading. On the one hand, it's enjoyable reading. And on the other hand, there's a message beneath the suspense and drama, about the value of human life. There's a message, told through the action and dialogue, about what it means to be family and how we should appreciate those closest to us.

Stealing Jenny is a novel that's well-written and a story that's well-told. Beyond that, it's an example of morals in action and family life redeemed. Don't miss the chance to read and enjoy it!

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