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It was Tuesday of the second week of Advent. (Last week, as a matter of fact.) I had an interview scheduled for one of my favorite radio shows (The Catholics Next Door), and I had no intention of coming clean.

That's what I get. I ended up admitting that I did not, in fact, have my Advent wreath out. And among their parting words, the gracious hosts (who had me laughing the entire time) encouraged me to take my own advice.

So I did.

And I also downloaded the Magnificat Advent Companion app. Because I had to face it: Advent was looking bleaker than usual and it was my own fault.

I've been struggling in an extraspecial way this year. I have some ideas why, but they don't really matter. What matters is the advice I'm so free to give others and so reluctant to take myself: get back up from your failure (perceived or otherwise) and start again.

It's still Advent! That means it's not too late...for you or me or anyone. We still have time to prepare for the Baby!

That brings me to today's Tech Talk topic: the Magnificat Advent Companion app. It's in the Apple store and it's only 99-cents.

What I especially like:

  - It's easy to use and it's easy to read, because it's designed very, very well.

  - It's straightforward, just like Magnificat magazine. (I was a subscriber for many years. And maybe I need to be one again!)

  - You can use it many times a day, or you can use it once.

  - It loads the day automatically, but also has a calendar where you can select ahead or behind.

  - It has all the same material as the paper copy Advent Companion, which includes the special prayers, the Advent Stations, the articles and essays, and the lovely layout.

There's a reason so many people are raving about this app: it's awesome! Not only do I highly recommend it, I'm already planning to get a copy of their Lenten Companion (assuming they will have one)!