Still need to do a few Christmas cards? Here’s a downloadable one from Paper Dali. Just print it, color it, cut around the lines, fold it up, and you’re ready to go.

Printable Christmas Card(Download the Christmas card here.)

If you’ve a little extra time, adorn it with glittery glue, stickers, and, of course, Sharpie-drawn curlicues and stars.  You can even add some glue

Other ideas for the printable:

  • Make a wreath out of green construction paper, and add the drawing circle to the center, for a quick, child-friendly wreath project.
  • Color the circle, glue it to construction paper, and have a quick, fun ornament. (Be extra-adventurous and glue it to a wooden circle. Use Modge Podge to make it shiny.)
  • Cut out the circle, and use it as a gift tag.
  • Cut out the “Merry Christmas” square by itself, then glue your holiday recipe to the other side. Then just attach it to the yummy treats you’re sharing this year.

Copyright 2011 Veronica Jarksi