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I've never been that good at watching TV. I forget when things are on, I fight hard not to read through a show, and, inevitably, being prone while staring at the TV causes me to fall asleep.

Since the advent of podcasts and downloadable audio, I've become terrible at listening to live radio. Why should I? There's so much great free content, and I'm already behind in my listening!

That's why finding out about the Catholic TV & Radio app (available on iTunes, free) made me jump up and down in delight.

Listed on the Watch screen in front of me right now, I have a selection of six different Catholic TV options: EWTN, CatholicTV, CNA, Catholic Answers, Word on Fire, and RealCatholicTV.

When I click over to Listen, I can choose from Live Radio, EWTN Shows, Weekday Specials, and Daily Readings & Homilies.

No longer am I bound to my cable/satellite provider, and neither are you! There are endless watching and listening opportunities right at your fingertips when you download this app!

The developer, Jonathan Nichols, has done an awesome job. Be sure to LIKE the Facebook page for this app and share it with others you know!