God made us beautiful as women, yet some of us spend a lifetime living as someone else only to find we never really lived.  In an attempt to not be controlled, we control ourselves by the same guidelines that we are fighting against.  But why are we fighting?  Instead of thriving in our true beauty, we are striving to be beautiful in the World's eyes.  God already has made us in His image, which is far more captivating than anything in this world.  We are so full of fear that we bury the true essence of what God made us to be:  living souls.  Jesus invites us to trust him and enter into ourselves.

I grew up believing that it was better to become a man.  Competing seemed to be the underlying theme in school, and I was encouraged to fend for myself.  Mistrust and fear became barriers as I wore my mask.  I never felt secure in being beautiful or captivating, so I busied myself in my studies.  Hidden away, I showed only what everyone else wanted to see and my girlhood dreams disappeared.  There was no more waiting for Prince Charming or playing house, this was a man's world.  In order to survive, I was convinced I had to dry my tears, compete, and harden my femininity.  Sadly, I forgot what I once longed for and could no longer distinguish my core dreams.  I was always told I could be anything when I grew up, but I was never allowed to become a woman.  Now I feel incapable of releasing my inner soul.  I am looking to God on how to be myself as He made me.  For He is the only one who can help unveil my true identity.

As women, we are so busy taking care of everyone else that we forget God fights for our love.  He wants to delight in us, and us in Him.  If we only put our trust in Him, our unnecessary burdens will be lifted.  Praying for peace in myself, I hope you are finding yours as well.  God bless you in your journeys.

Copyright 2012 Tanya Weitzel