Greetings from GracielandEditor’s Note: More fun this week with a brand new Greetings from Gracieland, our fantastic new webstrip from Jimmy Gownley and Ellen Toole Austin. Jimmy and Ellen have graciously agreed to share their talents with our readers for a feature I know your whole family will enjoy! Along with the comic, you’ll find “Table Talk”, a terrific conversation starter to share with your children. Be sure to visit the Greetings from Gracieland website at for more fun and inspiration with Gracie and join us here each Thursday morning for a new feature! LMH

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Gracieland Table Talk for “Lost and Found Department”

We would like to encourage you to share a family meal and Gracieland together. Each week we will be posting some discussion starters that you can share with your family. Share the webstrip with your kids, grab a plate, pull up a chair, and talk.

Ask your child:

Who is your patron saint?  What do you know about him/her?

Explain that everyone can have a saint/s that they look up to and that help them understand Christ. Explain that saints can be the “go between” for us and Jesus.  They can ask Him to help us.

How can saints be helpful to us?

What saint would you like to learn more about?

What can you say next time you lose something?

Copyright 2012 Ellen Toole Austin and Jimmy Gownley