I have mixed feelings about what a friend of mine calls "Cute Jesus."

On the one hand, he's cute.

On the other hand, he's...cute.

Was Jesus cute? Really?

Well, despite my own questions about it, I can't deny the appeal the new Beginner's Bible Book of Prayers has for my kids and, truth be told, to me.

For one thing, there's just something about the cute people. We like them.

For another, it's a board book. I can only thank that someone with an intrepid toddler who was behind the design.

Though it is a board book, my bigger kids still like it. In fact, my four-year-old doesn't have to be quite so careful and since it's a bit heavy, my seven-year-old likes to cart it around. The resident toddler appreciates its bulk and enjoys looking at the pictures (and insisting we turn the page before we're ready, but that's a different post).

Did I mention there was a third reason I liked this book? The prayers themselves. They're simple, but they could be the jumping-off point for discussion and thought. There's scripture on the facing page, under the illustration, and then the prayer.

Here's an example:

God Created All Things

God saw everything he had made. And it was very good. --Genesis 1:31


Dear God, thank you for everything you have made--like blue skies, green grass, pretty flowers, and trees. Thank you for animals. Most of all, thank you for people. You are amazing, God!

I could see using these prayers, if not the book, with my fifth grade religious education class. Though it's not specifically Catholic, there was nothing I found that was objectionable.

Highly recommended!