Lent is a 40 day period of sacrifice, imagine trying to understand that as a child. Children are by nature very needy and self-centered. There is a reason children whine after things they want and tend to not understand the needs of others. Explaining Lent to your children is not very easy, but there are tons of fun and educational things you can do with your little ones during Lent so they can make the most of their experience.

-          Catholic Coloring Books – Children love coloring books and catholic ones are very educational. Most Catholic coloring books tell the beautiful story of Jesus Christ and focus on the last few days of his life. By coloring with your children you can talk about Jesus and his love for us. Not to mention coloring is such fun activity.

-          Children’s Bible Stories – Nothing beats a good Children’s Bible at telling the story of the passion of Jesus Christ at the level children can understand. The passion of Christ can easily come off to children as confusing, odd, and irrelevant. The writers of Children’s Bibles know exactly how to frame the passion of Christ so that little ones understand it on their level. Reading it to your children can lead to great discussion about a basic understanding of the meaning and importance of Lent.

-          Lent crafts – I know what you’re thinking, “Lenten crafts? What on earth are you talking about?” Think about making a great cross out of simple items like popsicle sticks or palm leaves from Palm Sunday. These crafts are not only fun to make but they are also a great time to talk about Jesus and what he accomplished with the Cross. Making a cross is just one of many great craft ideas for the time of Lent that also allow you to talk about the faith with your children. Many Children’s Easter gifts are filled with fun activities you can do with your little ones.

These are just a few fun ideas to do with your child during Lent. Lent is an important time for everyone in your family so don’t be afraid to incorporate even the littlest ones. Have a great time this Lent with your family. What are some things you do with your family during Lent?

Copyright 2012 Kathleen Wellman