It was the Season of Lent in 2011, when I wanted something new and special to reflect on this holy season.  I was trying to decide on just that, when I received a request from Catholic mom Diana Gatsche, via Facebook, to join her new group called “Mary’s Prayer Warriors”.  I had no idea what that private Facebook group was about, but in sending my message to Diana, found that it is a group that goes on-line each night to pray the Rosary.  Diana would provide the specific times on the group page, whereby anyone in the world could be praying the Rosary at the same time.  I agreed to be part of the group as this, for me, would be the answer for Lent and the opportunity for connecting through prayer with others.

That first night of praying with Mary’s Prayer Warriors on this on-line Rosary, I pulled up the group page to find a new post listing the times to pray with the link.  It was so well organized by Diana Gatsche with instructions and time links.  It amazed me to see that many would be praying with Catholics from Ireland, South Africa, Uganda, Philippines, Singapore, Mumbai, India, British Columbia, New South Wales, Tasmania as well as all the time slots listed for the United States.  For me, in California, the time was 7:00 PM.  Going on that “chat” link for the first time that night, I felt like a school kid as those there to pray welcomed me.  I was the new kid on the block and waited for Diana Gatsche to give the go ahead to pray the Rosary.  The link she provided was  At that point, we all clicked on the link and followed the prompts to pray with others around the world!  So amazing!

It turns out that the Rosary link was creatively established by Fr. Dave Heney of St. Paschal Baylon.  In 2006, Fr. Dave hosted a new pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Catholics from Southern California.  The Rosary link that was his holy project shows actual film footage of many of the churches and holy sites, as well as photographs and guest options for submitting prayer intentions.  The Rosary link has the voice of  Fr. Dave Heney leading, with the voices of members of his parishioners reciting.  There is a number posted below, in the middle of the screen, to indicate how many people are praying with you at the same time.  One truly feels like they are praying with a large group of people and with those being part of Mary’s Prayer Warriors, you virtually are.

With this new group, during Lent, I was praying the Rosary on-line almost every night.  I remember thinking, “Well this is great for Lent this works!”  Occasionally, we had the honor of a Deacon or Priest on-line to prayer with us as well.  At that time, last year, I had actually thought that the group was just praying the Rosary just for the Season of Lent.  It was refreshing to pray with others reflecting on their prayer requests, as well as my  own that I had for my family.  It was truly connecting with others through prayer during this holy season and the experience was exceptional.

As you can guess, the Season of Lent passed, but it turns out that Mary’s Prayer Warriors is for all-year round!  On the group page, I find many families or individuals, post their personal prayer requests.  There are always so many requests for those that are ill, new born babies, family difficulties, etc..  Many of the group members pray for each other from what is posted that day, or just link on-line to pray the Rosary at the regular time.  There is always someone on-line each night from the group to pray the Rosary with.

It personally has been a grace being part of this prayer group.  With the Mary’s Prayer Warriors I have found we are living our faith in a peaceful sacramental manner by praying together.  I respect and pray for those I know through this group on a regular basis.  It is truly connecting through prayer with others and with our Mother of the Rosary.  You don’t need to me a member of Mary’s Prayer Warriors to pray this wonderful link.  Please just link any time of the day or night to pray with others.  You will find the graces!  Blessings!

Leslie Lenko is part of Team Adoration for a 24 Hour Perpetual Adoration Chapel.  She is also an avid fundraiser/event consultant for parish and Catholic organizations.  Leslie has been a Vocations Promoter for six-years coordinating between the L.A. Vocations Office and her local parish.  She has in the past participated and coordinated the “Adopt A Seminarian Program” through her parish.  She resides in Southern California with her family.

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