Today has been one of those days that started out on the wrong foot, then put on a blindfold and started jumping through fiery hula hoops. All the while trying to vacuum up Goldfish my toddler dumped on the couch.

Something like that.

Not a terrible day in the Grand Scope of Eternity. Just a day to remind me to stay in Heavenly perspective, put on my Big Girl pajama pants, and have a dance party.

Dance parties are one of my Last Ditch Effort tools when I find myself screaming into a spitup-soaked pillow by 9 a.m. Here's what I do:

1. Plug iPod into the stereo (or turn on the radio)

2. Turn on every light in the living room

3. Put on pajama pants (if jeans are covered in yogurt or spitup at that point)

4. Clear the "dance floor" of Legos (this step is important so you don't step on one camouflaged in the rug and roll your ankle...again)

5. Put on a smile.

6. Dance with your kids.

That about sums it up. I highly recommend Adele, Matt Maher, Shania Twain, and Veggie Tales for guaranteed mood-enhancing music. :)

Praise God for the gift of music--and if we're thinking in perspective--for allowing us to need dance parties with our kids every once in a while.

Copyright 2012 Erin Franco