I’m very happy to help spread the word about a free webinar being offered on March 29 at 3:00 pm EDT by my friends at Ave Maria Press. Infertility: Spiritual Care and Practical Support for Catholic Couples will be presented by Carmen Santamaría and Angelique Ruhi-López, the authors of a soon-to-be released book on this very important topic.

Here’s the overview of the webinar:

Infertility is a cross that affects one in six couples in the United States. Amid all of the emotions that come with experiencing infertility, Catholic couples face additional confusion, worry, and frustration as they explore the medical options available to them. As women who walked this road for years, authors Angelique Ruhi-Lopez and Carmen Santamaria know firsthand the importance of having the support of the Church community. They will explore how parishes and dioceses can provide much-needed information and spiritual support to infertile couples and those who have experienced miscarriages.

To register free of charge, simply visit https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/808577385 and pre-register. You will receive a reminder as we get closer to the webinar. As someone who has struggled with this issue in my own life, I will be attending to learn how to better support our readers and my loved ones who face this challenge. I hope you’ll register today and help us to spread the word about this free opportunity.