The Sisters of the Resurrection have just printed their new "Gift of Life" greeting cards and would like you to be the first to know! Respect Life is near and dear to the heart and vision of the Sisters. We are happy to share these with you.

We are living in a culture of death, a culture that cheapens the gift of life more and more with each passing day. Now, more than ever, we need to communicate our belief in the need and value of respecting life in all of its forms.

Our cards reflect the respect we have for the unborn and newborn. They also speak of the tender love of the expectant and joyful parents. Each card contains a beautiful verse, a Sacred Scripture reference and some beautiful information about the life within the mother-to-be.

These cards come in a package of ten. Nine cards can be mailed, once a month, to the expectant couple, with the tenth card, a birthday and congratulations card, mailed after the birth of the child. Alternately, the nine cards can be mailed to nine different couples. Either way, the cards send a beautiful, spiritual and heartfelt message.

The Sisters of the Resurrection promise to pray for all of the buyers and recipients of their cards. This makes each card a gift beyond measure.

We hope that you will love our Gift of Life cards as much as we do!

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The Sisters of the Resurrection
Castleton, N.Y.