Last week, I bought a bag of chocolate coins at the drug store.  A stocky teenage boy rang up my purchase.    “Whatcha gonna do with these?”  he said.

“I’m work at a church” I told him.  “I’m teaching the children about Judas and his betrayal of Jesus.”

“Oh yeah...  Judas and the silver coins!  Do you think God healed him of his sin? ” the boy asked.

“That’s a great question.  I don’t know…”  I told him.

“Well when I get to heaven,  the first thing I’m gonna do is look for Judas.  I wanna see if he made it…” the teen replied.

As I drove home, I started wondering about the last moments of Judas.   As he hung himself on that infamous tree, did he ever voice his repentance to God?

We’ll never know, at least not while we live here on earth.

What we do know is that God is merciful.   He died on a tree too, but for a very different reason than Judas.   He gave his life so that sins would be forgiven.     As the scriptures say:  “By his wounds you have been healed.”   (I Peter 2:24)

This Lent, voice your repentance to God.   It’s never too late for healing.

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Copyright 2012 Nancy Jo Sullivan