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Thanks to a tip from a reader, I recently downloaded--and fell in love with--the Mary app by the Marians of the Immaculate Conception. It's free, though right now only available on iOS devices.

As we hover on the verge of Mary's month of May, I wanted to be sure to share this app with you.

It's a great way to foster your devotion to the Blessed Mother, whether it's something you struggle with or something you embrace. You'll find information, prayers, and much, much more.

The app's easy-to-use and lovely, too. It's not only a good representation of an app, but I think it stands as worthy to have Mary involved with it!

On the Doctrine screen, you can choose from Introduction, Timeline, Dogmas, FAQs, Titles of Mary, and Resources. Clicking on any of them gives you a handful of choices (not more than four) that you can select from and then read about. The writing is clear and thorough. This section represents whole areas of the internet and at a shelf of my bookcase.

The Doctrine screen lets you select from Rosary, Feasts, Consecration, Chaplets, Sacramentals, and Prayers. The Rosary and Chaplets are interactive, almost guaranteeing this app a place on my list of Essential Apps. The Feasts choice effectively covers everything I've been spending years assimilating into a spreadsheet--this Mary geek says THANK YOU loudly! The Prayers is a handy place to find the popular Marian prayers you may not have had a chance to memorize as a child.

Mary Plus takes you to these choices: Images of Mary, Marians, Apparitions, Marian Helpers, Pilgrimage Sites, and Catalog. These each have great information. I was especially interested in the number of shrines I found close to me!

This app is, in a word, GREAT. It is not only worth downloading, but worth spending some time with, whether it's to pray or to learn.

YOUR TURN: Do you have a Mary app to recommend?

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