Leaving the grocery store in a rush, my normal pace in life, I glanced over and saw them walking hand in hand. Their pace was slower, more labored and less distracted than mine. I had already put all of my groceries in my minivan, put away the cart and shut the trunk all in the time they took to walk about 20 steps.

As I rushed to my van door I paused, leaned against my door and took them in. There they were old, slow and totally committed to one another. He held her gently yet firmly. She leaned in towards him; her balance was a bit shaky. I saw him look at her with her smile and she returned it with a slight laugh. There they went walking through the parking lot hand in hand. It was such a simple scene that revealed their relationship. He was holding her up, she was dependent, he was happy to be that person, she was glad to be with him and they were obviously together.

To be that woman, that man, that couple, to be so committed caring, happy, loving and aging together is such an incredible blessing.

God offers us this relationship; He holds us up, holds our hand gently but firmly gives us strength, smiles upon our lives and walks at our pace. Do we squeeze his hand? Do we walk beside Him or run so fast we miss Him all together? Do we slow down and see Him? What is our relationship like with God? Is it fully committed, caring, happy, loving and aging with Him in our lives? God’s hand has already been extended all the days of your life. Will you hold it? Will you walk hand in hand with God through this life?

Copyright 2012 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp