In October, I posted my first weekly Tech Talk column. In that time, I've posted almost every week, and I've shared some of my favorite apps and other tips and observations related to technology.

There's been a limitation that both Lisa and I have noticed, though: neither one of us can write about Android items. Though I've tried a few times, my main focus has really been on the devices I have: I just don't have time to snag someone else's phone and then write reviews. (Maybe someday, in a gadget-lover's paradise...)

A LOT of you have Android devices. Both Lisa and I felt that you needed Tech Talk, too, something that would be applicable to your walk through life.

So, with this in mind, a few weeks ago I put out a feeler to see if I could possibly line up another weekly columnist to join me here at, with a focus on Android operating systems.

We have been astounded at the response. As a result, we will be growing Tech Talk to extend throughout the entire week and look! It even has a lovely logo, designed by Thomas Sanjurjo for the price of our everlasting gratitude and appreciation! has always desired to be on the cutting edge of using technology to uplift, support, educate and inspire families. With the help of our new "tech talkers," we will endeavor to bring you a steady stream of news, reviews, and information about the latest tools being used in the New Evangelization.

We're so excited, we've also assembled an entire week of app giveaways!

Today's Tech Talk launch giveaway courtesy of OceanHouse Media.

We have five copies of each of these wonderful interactive iPad and iPhone book apps to give away. (They are also available on Google Play, the Amazon App Store, Nook, and HP Web OS.)

The Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree

The Berenstain Bears Discover God's Creation

The Berenstain Bears Faithful Friends

The Berenstain Bears and the Gift of Courage

Enter your name in the comments of this post by Tuesday, May 29, midnight, PST.

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