I feel very lucky to have had four very positive, and delightfully uneventful, breastfeeding experiences.  I tend to try and stay away from medication in general especially when nursing a little one and as a result have never been well studied on which medications are safe for breastfeeding moms and babies.

When I discovered the LactMed website I was thrilled. I was now able to double check anything I was prescribed or taking over the counter and have that extra layer of comfort that what I was taking should be safe for both of us.

In 2011 they developed both Android and iPhone/iPod apps.  I may not use my LactMed app daily or even weekly, but when I find myself sick and needing to take something I’m always relieved to have the information I need easily and quickly accessible.  This app is also free!

While we’re on the topic of breastfeeding I’d like to share this Breast-Feeding App for Android.

With an easy to use interface this app allows moms to track their breastfeeding or bottle feeding sessions. Don’t let the previews scare you off; this app has been completely translated to English.

The basic app (shown above) is free. It costs $2.99 to upgrade and include the widget feature below.

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