Katherine Valentine

Years ago, when CatholicMom.com was little more than a hobby and the only readers were myself and my own mom, I conceived of starting an online Catholic book club. Part of the impetus for that idea was my discovery of Catholic author Katherine Valentine's first book, A Miracle for St. Cecilia's. I vividly remember emailing Katherine and sharing my ambitions with her -- she responded so graciously aEnd that first email blossomed into a correspondence that has since stretched over a decade. If I ever get to meet Katherine Valentine in person, I will greet her with a huge hug and a sack full of all of her books to be autographed. Each of them, in their own way, touched my life and made a difference in my own writing career.

Katherine has been quite busy in the past several months beginning her own publishing company, DP Publishing. Her pen has also been busy, and she has three terrific books either newly released or on the horizon:

The Gift

The Gift is destined to capture the hearts of all those who have sought to be of service to the Lord but have lacked a path until now... Twenty-plus years ago, author Katherine Valentine gave a cherished Rosary to a homeless woman in a gesture of the Father's love. Two people were transformed that day. The woman, who was filled with hopelessness and despair, awoke to the revelation that she was greatly loved by God. And Katherine, who felt that she had little to offer the Lord, became a purveyor to a powerful source of intercessory prayers reflected by a strand of beads. The Gift is the story of the small beginnings of a lay ministry begun by one woman--a ministry that has taken the Rosary from a devotional that many consider passé to a worldwide phenomenon that is bringing comfort and miracles to those who have lost their way.

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The Haunted Rectory

Part one of a wonderful trilogy, The Haunted Rectory is being re-released in ebook format.

The author of the popular Dorsetville series takes us to the small town of Bend Oaks to meet a group of hookers—rug hookers, that is. When rumors of a haunted rectory shake up the small town, a new priest comes to pastor, and what he discovers will change all of their lives forever.

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Sweet Dreams by Katherine Valentine

Sweet Dreams

Last, but certainly not least, Katherine shared with me that her wonderful work of fiction Sweet Dreams, shared in serialized form right her on CatholicMom.com, will be published in the next few weeks. Readers will recall how we waited with baited breath each week for the release of the next chapter of Sweet Dreams -- you won't want to miss this one in book format!

I urge you to pay a visit to Katherine Valentine's terrific website and visit her blog to stay on top of the many exciting developments with her writing. It's a gift that keeps on giving!!

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