When we opened the doors to our NFP forum in January of 2011, ease of use for our members was a top priority.  Not everyone enjoys or is familiar with online forums yet many people are in search of Natural Family Planning discussion and support.  Since it is often difficult to find that support in our off-line lives many are turning to the interwebs instead.

This form of online collaboration and discussion is bigger than ever before. Whether you are chatting for fun, trying to learn about your faith, or trying to figure out how to fix your broken dishwasher it’s a good bet that there is a forum where people from all over the globe are visiting about just that very subject.

One essential down side to online forums is found when attempting to view or interact from your smart device browser.   The smaller the device the more cumbersome the viewing and navigation becomes.  Thankfully there is an app for that!

The Tapatalk app is the number one paid social app for android and is in the top five in the iTunes store. With this handy little app you can navigate and participate in your online forum with ease.  Their interface is clean, streamline, and easy to use.

When you first open tapatalk you will search for your forum and enter your log-in info.

From that point on it will store this info within your accounts tab for future reference.  It will even give you an easy one-click widget for your home page if you so choose.

As a forum administrator it even allows me some simple moderation and editing options which I greatly appreciate when on the road.

The cost for the Tapatalk app is $2.99 and as a forum user it is worth every penny.  But before you buy you will want to check with your forum administrator to see if they have Taptalk activated for their forum.  If they don’t make sure they know that it’s easy to install and completely FREE for them to activate!  With how popular smart devices are becoming it should be a top priority for your forum administrator if it’s not already available.


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