We Are the Wildflowers

We are so much like those wild flowers. Some of us are reaching for the sky others have turned their faces towards the sun. Many are tattered, torn and missing some pedals. We are all grouped together on the other side of that fence with the sky sprawling above beautiful and just out of reach.

Humanity is growing, dying, reaching, searching, hiding and existing in our world. Some of us are constantly searching for God, seeking the “son”. Others have been torn down by circumstances of death, disease, addictions and lack of love. We are all in it together, in this life. But on the other side of the fence there is beauty, bliss, peace and heaven. We all want heaven but some are too warn down and beaten up to search for it. Others have no desire but to seek out the kingdom of heaven.

Are you searching, learning and growing towards heaven in spite of your scars? Are you hiding, dying and just fatigued by this journey of life? Which flower are you now? Which flower do you want to be? It is never too late to turn your face towards the sun or to straighten your stem and reach for the heavens. The choice is yours right now at this very moment. What will you do this day?

Copyright 2012 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp