Support a Catholic Speaker

If you're lucky enough to have attended a Catholic conference lately, you've likely learned from and been inspired by a phenomenal Catholic speaker. Work is underway to support and help publicize the important tasks being done by Catholic speakers. Over at his blog, my good friend Brandon Vogt (a phenomenal speaker, by the way!) has taken the helm on a project started a few years ago by Matthew Warner of FlockNote. Right now, Brandon is asking for your help in sharing the names of great Catholic speakers you've heard in the past. The aim of this project is to help spread the word about the many talented men and women who are sharing the faith in this way.

Brandon would love any of your nominations in the comments section at his blog. I'm asking you to specifically consider recommending talented female speakers you've heard in the past, although any of your nominations will be welcomed! And while we're at it, please leave some of your nominations in the blog comments here too for our readers to enjoy.

The next phase will be for bloggers to "adopt" a Catholic speaker to profile on their sites, so if you're interested in blogging you'll want to watch Brandon's blog for the opportunity to be a part of this project.