Click, Click, Click Click, Click, Click

Click, Click, Click with each inch the top of the hill comes closer into sight. Click, Click, Click the
anticipation is almost too much. Click, Click, Click you take one last breath crest the top and look straight down over 200 feet, it hesitates only for a moment; enough to make you lose your breath and then you are flying 80 miles/hour on a track that twists you out of control. Your heart is racing, your adrenaline is high and you can only scream in fear, delight and excitement.

We are constantly hearing the clicking of our uphill chain pulling us up to the top of our lives; milestones births of babies, aging, children becoming adults, the top of our careers, the completeness of our relationships and the list goes on. We experience so many pinnacles in our lives. But before we hit the top and enjoy that ride we click, click along. In actuality the waiting and the clicking take more time than the ride itself. We should make something of the wait. We should embrace the clicking and the anticipation because once we crest that hill we will go 80 mph for the ride of our lives.

Today, stop complaining about the waiting, stop letting the clicking drive you crazy and truly embrace the moment you are in right now.

Copyright 2012 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp