Embracing Beauty Gracefully Embracing Beauty Gracefully

As a stay-at-home mom, it is difficult to find the energy to dress up and put a little makeup on. Though when I do take the extra time, everybody is better off. I stand up a little straighter, I feel a little more beautiful, and I have more grace throughout the day. There is more dignity attached to my job as a “Mom.” Since I am feeling better, it rubs off on my husband and son as well. Dressing to impress my employers, my husband and son, gives me more confidence in myself and my abilities.

I grew up with a mother who rarely wore makeup, so I never felt the need to wear it. I was often told I was beautiful without it, so wearing it felt like a mask. The rare times I wore makeup, I did it for the wrong reasons. Fixing myself up out of love for my husband and myself gives more meaning behind the makeup. My husband married a cute girl who dressed up nice for him, so switching to sweats or pajamas is a big change. He deserves a little extra primp time from me, even if we are married.

Being a married woman, allowing myself to enjoy my beauty is part of the equation. I am a woman and should embrace my elegance. Never being a “girly girl” in my youth creates barriers for me now. In high school, I enjoyed painting my nails every week, but now my toddler would probably knock over the nail polish when he desires my attention. Adding a little more pampering time for myself will be good for me and my marriage. Hopefully my husband with appreciate the extra time I am taking to fully display and enhance my beauty.

This rediscovery of beauty, womanhood, and marriage came about after attending a facial party. I had forgotten how wonderful it felt to take care of my skin. In the past, I had made my skin a priority, even though I didn't wear makeup. I miss the feeling, smell, and essence of facial products and masks. My skin and soul felt so beautiful after the facial party. I want to keep that for myself and attend to my need as a woman and a wife to feel beautiful. Embracing my womanhood makes me more whole and at ease with myself.