I’ve found I have a much better time focusing and spend less time thinking about my grocery list/to-do list/the movie I watched the night before/etc, if I have some help in the meditation department.

I’ve been looking for the “perfect” rosary app and in the process I’ve found several that I now use regularly depending on if I’m in the car, in bed, having some quiet prayer time in the morning, etc.


Interactive Rosary is a simple, free, well-organized, app that does a lovely job.

The homepage gives you the option of choosing which mysteries you’d like to focus on. It also denotes which ones are normally assigned to which days.

Once you enter the mystery you’d like, you see a rosary with the cross highlighted.  You have options to begin (pause and resume), move forward (next), or move back (previous).

When the recording (a single, female voice) is finished with one prayer the app will automatically move to the next bead/prayer unless you pause the program.

I especially like the audio options for in the car and I also like that if I get momentarily distracted I can pause or move back to where I left off.

This is a free app so if you are interested in trying a new rosary aid I’d encourage you to give it a try!

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Copyright 2012 Kristin Detloff