Spiritual Medicine Craft Spiritual Medicine Craft

September 15 marks the feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows where the faithful remember the seven sorrows of Our Blessed Mother. In fact, the entire month of September is devoted to the Seven Sorrows of Mary. The seven sorrows are: The Prophecy of Simeon (Luke 2:34-35), The Flight into Egypt (Matthew 2:13), The Loss of the Child Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2:32-45), Mary Meets Jesus on the Way to Calvary (Luke 23:27-31), Jesus Dies on the Cross (John 19:25), Mary Receives the Body of Jesus in Her Arms (Matthew 27:57-59), and The Body of Jesus is Placed in the Tomb (John 19:40-42). As mothers, I am sure we can all identify with the sorrows of Mary, though we could never experience the depth of those sorrows.

My hope is that this “Spiritual Medicine” craft can serve as a child-friendly way of introducing children to the sorrows of our Blessed Mother. Children know that medicine is often used to make us feel better. The Holy Rosary is the ultimate medicine for our aching hearts as we share in the sorrows of Mother Mary. This craft is appropriate for all ages and abilities and adults would even enjoy making this craft.

Items Needed for Spiritual Medicine Craft

  1. Peel the label off of the medicine bottle using this method: Run your tap water as hot as it gets or run some water through your coffee pot. Fill the medicine bottle with the water and place the lid on the bottle. Wait about 30 seconds and then start gently peeling the label off the bottle. It should come off pretty easily.
  2. Print the Medicine Label template on a sheet of regular printer paper or skip the following steps and print it on a sheet of Avery label #6572. Cut it into 2 x 2 ¾ inch rectangles. Each sheet makes 15 labels. Cut out each printed label.
  3. Place the label around the bottle, keeping it straight on the bottle. Have your child hold the label while you peel a piece of tape and carefully wrap it around the bottle, over the label.
  4. Place a rosary inside the bottle and keep it nearby for prayer time. Make more and share them with people who need a little spiritual medicine!

Spiritual Medicine!

 Copyright 2012 Alicia Hart