SYATP -- See You at the Pole

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 marks the 22nd year of See You at the Pole (SYATP). So, what is SYATP and why should your kids be there?

What is SYATP?

SYATP is a grassroots movement started in 1990 calling students to meet at their school's flagpole to pray for the upcoming school year. It takes place on the 4th Wednesday in September, and it is estimated that millions of kids participate worldwide.

Why should your kids be there?

SYATP is a great way for kids to lift up their classmates, teachers and school in prayer. They are able to evangelize by leading through example while meeting other like-minded students to solidify their commitment to faith in the public forum. In an education system that so desperately needs God but refuses to allow Him in, encourage your kids to be a light in an often dark place.

SYATP's website for more information, inspiration and promotional tools!

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