At the Top of the Hill

Runners understand the struggles as well as the pleasures of a good run. We enjoy the weather, nature, our surroundings and the feeling of hitting our stride. We enjoy the run when it’s a good day and our bodies just seem to blend into the run, when the struggles are few and the endorphins are high.

However, running would not be nearly as rewarding without the struggles, the challenges and the horrible runs. Sometimes it is too hot, humid, gusty or cold. Other times we cannot find our rhythm and can hear our feet pounding the pavement. Because we experience the lows of running we are able to appreciate the highs even more.

Often times as I run I talk to God. There are several steep hills in my neighborhood and I am acutely aware of how much extra energy I need to make it up those hills. Often times as I prepare myself for the hill I say "God let me make it up this hill then I will talk to you some more." Recently I realized I was putting God on pause to make it through a struggle in my life. Instead of asking for his strong wind at my back or support I put Him on hold. So I could make it though on my own.

How often do we do this to God? What are we thinking, really? Obviously we must not trust God to help us in all that we face in our lives. We believe we can do it on our own. What would happen if we ask God for His help?

Maybe that hill wouldn't feel so steep. Maybe our problems wouldn't seem so overwhelming. Maybe if instead of putting Him on pause we could get to know Him better if we gave HIM our control.

Life can be lived out of synch in difficulty and struggles or it can be lived in rhythm with God's will. Instead of shutting God out invite Him in and let Him lift you up that hill.

Copyright 2012 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp