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We've really already established around here the one my favorite subject for pinning is "saints", so I was thrilled to run across this week's Board of the Week, Saints (or Soon to Be) by St. Joseph's Church in Mountain View, California. I love this board not only for the lovely images pinned, but especially for the biographical information included with each pin from a variety of sources around the web. While you're visiting this board, be sure to check out all of the other phenomenal boards being created by St. Joseph's Church - from the Mysteries of the Rosary to an awesome Respect Life board, the super pins keep coming!

Saints (Or Soon to Be) Saints (Or Soon to Be) by St. Joseph's Church - Click to Follow

And here’s this week’s tip of the week from Allison Girone of the Catholic Pinterest Group Board who has kindly agreed to offer a weekly pointer for us on how to use some best practices to enjoy and effectively employ Pinterest:

Most of us are mutts. Our backgrounds are a little this and a little that. I tell my kids, "if you were a pizza, you'd be 5 slices Italian, 2 slices Irish and 1 slice Spanish." But I could show them, too. I could post a board of Italian locations our families came from, Italian family recipes, Italian songs and do the same the Irish and Spanish heritage. Celebrate your culture and genealogy on Pinterest. We're losing connections to these legacies and here's a place to pin them with love and honor.

If you’re a Catholic using Pinterest, please drop a link in the comments below to share your boards. Also, I’d love to hear about why you love Pinterest and how you think this latest craze might be used to spread the Good News.

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