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Editor’s note: Today, we welcome a guest contribution from C. A. Jones, author of the novel, The Glass Ruins. Please note that I have not personally read this book, but am happy to share Mr. Jones’s words about his work with our readers. LMH

American Collapse, Time Travel, and Pregnancy Explored in New Novel

In a spiritual novel that combines science fiction with literary imagery, author C. A. Jones takes readers on a dramatic ride as a man from the future is brought face to face with his pregnant mother in the past.  But this is no happy meeting; she wants to abort him.

The Glass Ruins by C. A. Jones The Glass Ruins by C. A. Jones

As a 24-year old father of two, Jasper Carnelian lives in a future, post-collapse America without many of our modern conveniences.  On his way home from a grocery errand he is supernaturally sent back in time to present-day Seattle.  His only instruction is to seek out his young mother.  He follows her from a distance, and through eavesdropping, learns she plans to abort the baby she carries.

The story alternates between Jasper’s trip to present-day Seattle and a time in the post-collapse future when Jasper is just ten years old.  In the present, he meets homeless men who discuss the failings of our world, lives through a bombing attack, and struggles to find his mother as a city falls into chaos.  In the future, Jasper questions a gas station owner on the origin of the universe, the big bang, and God.

The Glass Ruins has a unique mix of sci-fi and literary imagery; it is at once a novel of a dystopian future, of hushed candlelight and stained glass, and of a woman's struggle with pregnancy in a declining world.

The Glass Ruins is available on Amazon Kindle, and at http://chrisjonesbooks.com.

C. A. Jones is the author of three novels; earlier works include The Ecomancer and The Syndrome Rule.  He has been a widely published technical writer and lives in the Seattle area with his family.