Daily Scriptures Reflection for Friday

Scripture: Lectionary 459. Oct.5. Job 38:1:12-21. Psalm 139:1-3.7-8.9-10.13-14. Luke 10:13-16:

Luke, the artist Evangelist, is the person who gets us into the feelings and passion of Jesus more than the other three evangelists. Even in this scene for today we can sense his sense of disappointment. Jesus is the merciful, forgiving, and compassionate one, but those gifts can be rejected as we learn from our passage that contrasts the Gentile cities of Tyre and Sidon with Jesus’ own familiarity with the towns near where he lived and grew into manhood.  He knew the people and these towns so well, yet, his mission to bring the Good News to them about the kingdom was not received.  Even Capernaum the hometown of Peter is mentioned as not being open to the words of Jesus and their message of love.  Chorazin and Bethsaida are mentioned as being among the places that do not receive Jesus and his message.   We can sense from the literary artistry of Luke the frustration and disappointment of Jesus with these towns who were so proud.  Even Tyre and Sidon are better disposed than they.

Fr. Karris, a Franciscan biblical scholar of Luke, gives us this important insight that helps us to go deeper into the passage of the Gospel for today’s liturgy: “Hearing the word of the disciple is hearing the word of Jesus; hearing the word of Jesus is hearing that of God.”   Disciples, and we are among them, need to listen to Jesus in our daily journey toward the kingdom.  Luke guides us carefully on the cost of our discipleship, on the Way that Jesus leads, and on the meaning of his suffering, death, and resurrection.

We as disciples are called to be creative agents of God’s loving and redeeming concern for everyone.  We are to bring this Good News to all with whom we live, work, pray, and encounter.  We do not necessarily have to be preaching disciples.  Our example often speaks louder than any of our words.  Body language is a part of our way of helping and bringing others to him.  We do not have to expound or force the Good News.  Many of the Franciscans follow their founder on this way of bringing Jesus to others.  We celebrated his feast yesterday and he told us in a writing to practice humility, simplicity, and purity. These virtues speak louder to others than our discourses or preaching. Amen.

Copyright 2o12 Fr. Bertrand Buby, S.M.