Daily Scriptures Reflection for Saturday Daily Scriptures Reflection for Saturday

Scripture: Lectionary 460. Oct.6. Job 42:1-3,5-6,12-16. Psalm 119: Luke 10:17-24:

My reflection on the Gospel passage led me to see three themes within Luke 10:17-24. First, there is the successful return of the disciples who come back to Jesus to tell him that they have done marvels in his name and brought the Good News to many people. Secondly, we have a powerful prayer of Jesus directed to the Father. It is a prayer of thanksgiving for the disciples and their following him. Thirdly, the blessing of Jesus is upon the disciples.

All of these themes fit the thrust of Luke who is the Evangelist of joy. These passages are uplifting and supportive of our efforts who like the disciples are followers of Jesus. We have moved from the more serious and heavy tone of Job to the words of Jesus that bring us comfort and peace. We begin to realize how close Jesus is to his disciples and to us. His prayer tells us this in beautiful words.

Verses 17-20: are definitely the words of Jesus that Luke would choose to proclaim the Good News. These verses are not paralleled in the other three Gospels. We are to rejoice in our discipleship for Jesus has confirmed that his disciples have their names written in heaven.

Verses 21-22 contain the magnificent prayer of Jesus. It is partially contained in Matthew and John. But it is Luke who has the Holy Spirit who is being thanked and the Father. We have a Scriptural glimpse of the mystery of the Trinity within Jesus’ prayer. Luke as the theologian of the Holy Spirit and the Evangelist of joy (See Fr. Bob Backherm’s thesis on Joy in the Gospel of Luke). This prayer is a model prayer for contemplating Jesus in relationship to us his disciples.

Verses 23-24 is the blessing of Jesus upon his disciples: “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.” Even prophets and kings did not have such a blessing as the disciples do in their relationship with Jesus.

May we start our prayer by invoking the Holy Spirit who will lead us to imitate Jesus in his prayer of thanksgiving to the Father.

Copyright 2012 Fr. Bertrand Buby, S.M.