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Editor's note: Today, with great joy we welcome Nancy Nemitz to our family of contributors. Nancy is a professional organizer, a mom who homeschooled her children, and an active force in consulting to families and organizations who need assistance with everything from simple organizing tips to "chronic disorganizations". Be sure to visit Nancy's blog at for more organizing goodness! LMH

Ten Organizing Truths

As a professional organizer since 2004 and a mother of four grown children, I've seen a lot of disorganized families and businesses. Recognizing you don't have much time to read articles because someone is yelling, "Mom!", I'll be brief.

  1. Stop accepting things from people that you don't want.
  2. Decide before you organize the toys, how much room you will allow the toys to occupy.
  3. Pull everything out of the pantry. Don't organize around the food. (same holds true for clothes, etc.)
  4. Realize your children will want very little of what you are saving for them. Sad but true.
  5. If you are organized but your husband isn't, organize what you can control.
  6. You can't manage time, you can only manage yourself.
  7. Clutter is nothing more than delayed decisions. Decide what to do about the pile.
  8. Use your beautiful dishes and silver. Why store things out of sight and only use them infrequently? If a plate gets broken, is that so bad?
  9. A lot of organizing problems can be solved by not buying so much stuff.
  10. Maintaining organizing systems takes work.

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