Sand and Water by Anabelle Hazard Sand and Water by Anabelle Hazard

Editor's note: Today, we welcome a guest article from Anabelle Hazard, a Catholic novelist and blogger. Please note that I have not personally read her books, but am happy to share Anabelle’s words about her work with our readers. LMH

I know you’re out there. You who thought to yourself that surely you could have been the main character of romance novel or the star of romantic film because clearly God, Jesus, Mary, angels and saints wrote your love story. You who see the decline in the sanctity of marriage vows, the attack against God’s definition of marriage, the pain and suffering of broken families. You know you need to build marriage up, make single people believe heaven arranges marriages, get married couples to rekindle their love, help our children have faith that “what God puts together, no one can put asunder.” So why don’t you do something from where you are without ever leaving your seat and taking your fingers off your keyboard?


I’ve launched a series of guest posts and blogger links in this page where I’ve had the privilege of featuring wonderful Catholic mom bloggers (with more promising to come and contribute.) To keep the series going though, I need your help. Whether you can guest post, link your story from your own blog or spread the word around. My goal is to inspire and fan the flames of Divine Love.

But if you’re not one for real life romances, I’ve also written two romance e-novels of love stories written by the finger of God. The first entitled “Sand and Water,” endorsed by Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director Priests for Life, is also appropriate for young adults. The second, “Wind and Flame” although set in law school, is not autobiographical. I will say, however, that both novels have been largely influenced by my first hand experience that God is an author of love stories… and human authors cannot outdo His creativity.

And believe it or not, they are FREE on my website. Both real life Catholic romance and fictional ones. No catch, I promise.

Come and see.

Anabelle Hazard is a practicing Catholic, non-practicing lawyer, homeschooler, novelist and blogs at Written By the Finger of God (

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