It's possible that I know someone who sees this Year of Faith business as an opportunity to fail.

It's possible that I know someone who's been so busy since the Year of Faith kicked off that that someone hasn't done more than just tread water.

It's possible that that someone is me.

Imagine my relief, then, to find that the Diocese of Fort Wayne and South Bend in Indiana has developed an app and website for that: My Year of Faith.

Yes, an app for the Year of Faith! It's the first I've found (though I have heard about others that are coming soon), and it's well-worth every bit of the 99-cents it's going for on iTunes (it's also available on Android).

Don't have a device for apps? No problem, because the website offers all the content.

It's simple to use.

Yes, I'll admit it: I need easy. I'm busy and turning on a screen for prayer can be a crapshoot (the distractions can suck me right in lately).

But with this, I simply open the app (or click on the website) and there I am, the day's reflection right there.

It has great variety.

I've read reflections on the upcoming weekend's Gospels, pondered excerpts from the Catechism, and watched delightful videos about faith.

The categories include Faith at Home, From the Writings of Pope Benedict XVI, Saints, and Faith in Action.

There's no pressure.

It's a busy time of year--but someone recently pointed out to me that things aren't going to get less busy for me for a long time. That's not just because of my work, my husband's career, or my children. It has partly to do with my own talent for staying occupied.

One of the things I love about this app is that it's there, a bright yellow beacon of "here when you need it" faith.

I'm going to try to log onto it everyday, but if I don't, there's no worry that it's going away. I don't have to feel that I need to catch up (though I will probably want to).

Highly Recommended!

Whether you opt to use the website or go mobile with the app, I think you'll find this app a great companion for your Year of Faith journey. Kudos to the folks in the Diocese of Fort Wayne & South Bend and the developers at Little i Apps for a job well done!

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